Stress Busting Leader Resources

After the last workshop session, email attendance sheet, participant registration packets, and any completed participant surveys to Cynthia Ayala at AgeOptions:

Course Materials for Leaders

Agreement for Group Facilitators 

Data Collection Checklist- Instructions for data collection from registration to last session  

Attendance SheetExcel Document

Attendance Sheet- Printable Form

Session 1 Data Collection ScriptTo be read aloud to participants during Session 1

Session 1 Virtual Data Collection Script- To be read aloud to participants during Session 1

Photo Media Release- This form is optional; to be used if collecting testimonials or taking pictures. Feel free to edit to add your organization's information


Forms for Participants

Participants can choose one of the following options when completing paperwork:

  • Complete a paper form or fillable PDF
  • Receive a link to complete an electronic form (through Microsoft Forms)
  • Register for a participant portal on the IL Pathways website and complete forms directly in the portal

Note: If you choose to you use Microsoft Forms, the surveys are submitted directly to AgeOptions. AgeOptions will complete the data entry. 

Session 1 Participant Registration Forms and Pre-Survey

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Session 1 Additional Participant Forms

Eligibility and Screening

Intake Form

Last Session Forms

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

  • Participant Guide for ILPTH Portal- Instructions that can be sent to participants for completing electronic forms on the ILPTH participant portal (These are the same instructions that are available above for completing Session 1 forms)


Links and Other Materials

Zoom Instructions- For online workshops

"How To" Train the Trainer Demo (Content provided by Megan McDermott and the Quinn Center. The presentation is presented in both English and Spanish)

English Train the trainer slides
Spanish Train the trainer slides
English How to join Zoom (for participants)
Spanish How to join Zoom (for participants)
English Template of Zoom Flowchart (link is editable, do not edit, make a copy)
Spanish Template of Zoom Flowchart (link is editable, do not edit, make a copy)

Individual forms included in Participant Registration Packet- Registration Form, Privacy Policy, and Liability Waiver

Evaluation of Group Facilitator

Fidelity Checklist


Marketing Materials

Stress Busting Recruitment Flyer